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Khorasan International

Transport Cos. Associantion

After the Collapse of the Soviet Union Republics, independence of Middle E. Asian countries, opening of Khorassan province's northern borders and strategies applied by Khorassan province authorities, commercial transactions began with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstani and Kirghizstan via Khorassan province. According to the needs of the newly independent state and new markets, businessmen's activities remarkably and suddenly enhunced in the province.
Having three common borders with Turkmenistan including Bajgiran, Lotfabad and Sarakhs and according to Dogharoon border's potential for activity on the border of Afghanistan, Khorassan
Province has the best situation for absorbing the above mentioned countries marketys, so Iranian Businessmen felt the need of the international transport fleet for their commercial transactions. Following the high demand in the markets, they realized the importance of international transportation companies activities. At first, some of the international transportation companies located in Tehran set up their agencies in Khorassan Province, and began their activities.
Government Department authorities provided the conditions for establishment of International Transportation Companies in Mashhad in order to enhance employment rate while cooperating with the Ministry of Roads and Transportation and International Transportation Companies established in Mashhad and started their activities in Mashhad in 1991. Approximately 10 International Transportation Companies started their activities in Khorassan province in February 1992. Due to the increase in number of such companies in mashhad, divercity in affairs, need to cooperating with government departments and using active private sectors experiences in the field of International Transportation caused directors and authorities of the Organization for Transportation and Terminals in Khorassan province to found the guild union in order to safeguard companies interests, integrate methods and legalize their activities. Finally, in compliance with Article 131 pertaining to Labor Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran Khorssan International Transportation Companies Association situated in Mashhad was registered as a Guild and Guidance Corporation under license No. 106 dd. 14/02/1995 in Khorassan Labor and Social Affairs Department in January 1994.
Founders of the company approved the memorandum of association in 49 articles and 41 Notes in the first general meeting.
Now, there are more than 120 companies which are active members of this association and new members join it each year.