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Khorasan International

Transport Cos. Associantion

As explained above, association's activities are in line with realization of its objectives. Generally speaking, association's activities are based on easing the obstacles and looking after each member's affairs; however, we can outline some of the most important ones in brief:
1-    Coordinating with different embassies such as Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, and Uzbekistan and so on, in order to refer drivers for taking visas.
2-    Coordinating with state Organization for Terminals and Transportation in order to take transport license (dozblagh) from Middle Asian Countries such as Tajikistan and Kazakhstan for drivers.
3-    Coordinating with insurance companies for issuance of transit insurance policies, cmr and soon.
4-    Offering training courses for directors, personnel and drivers.
5-    Arranging various meetings for board of directors and expert committees of association for solving the existing problems and providing necessary guidelines.
6-    Arranging ordinary and extraordinary meetings of assembly based on existing necessity and memorandum of association.
7-    providing tax, legal and insurance consultancy for members.
8-    Offering services according to members' opinion to solve their problems.
9-    Arranging meetings with related authorities about export, import and transit such as customs and State Organization for Terminals and Transportation in order to review thediscussed issues as well as International Transportation Day.